Report: Twisted Metal Game in Development From Destruction AllStars Team

Report: Twisted Metal Reboot Switches Developers

A reboot to the iconic vehicular combat game Twisted Metal has been rumored to be in development for some time, but according to a new report, the development team for the reboot has recently been changed.

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According to a recent report from VGC, who first reported on the reboot being in development last year, Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games has been removed from development. This comes after Sony decided to go with another studio. The report doesn’t name the studio that is now handling the project, but did note it as being one of “its first-party studios in Europe.”

Currently, Sony has not publicly commented on both the move and the Twisted Metal reboot game, but many believe Sony is looking to have the game ready to release to coincide with the upcoming televisions series that is currently in development. The TV series is set to release in 2023, which would leave Sony only about a year to have the rebooted game ready.

In VGC’s earlier report on a Twisted Metal reboot game, the project was also said to be built around a free-to-play model, which was tied to Lucid Games’ decision to make Destruction AllStars a free-to-play title after developing it as a premium game. With Lucid Games potentially no longer working on the reboot, however, it’s unknown what Sony’s plans could be for the game.

RELATED: Report: Twisted Metal Game in Development From Destruction AllStars Team

Twisted Metal has been dormant since 2012 when the PS3 reboot was released. It was tepidly received with an average review score of 76 according to Metacritic. The servers were shut down in January 2019.


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