Report: Quantic Dream Star Wars Game Set During High Republic

Report: Quantic Dream Star Wars Game Set During High Republic

Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream is reportedly making a Star Wars game. The studio has yet to confirm or deny these reports, but it seems as though there’s more evidence that points towards its existence as another report has stated its alleged setting and codename.

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As picked up by Eurogamer, GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb spoke about Quantic’s Star Wars game during his weekly show on Giant Bomb, Grubbsnax. Grubb stated that it is taking place during the High Republic era of Star Wars and is codenamed Star Wars Eclipse. Grubb said he though it would be shown off before the end of the year. And while an announcement like this could trickle out whenever, The Game Awards show is a likely candidate. The annual show is slated for December 9 at 5 p.m. PT.

The High Republic hasn’t been explored much in films or video games. Regardless, the High Republic era begins centuries before the Skywalker Saga and is thought of as the “golden age” of the Jedi. Earlier this year, Lucasfilm set forth an initiative to explore this period by telling an “interconnected mega-story” through “books, comics, and magazines.” While video games were not specifically mentioned, a video game like this could potentially slot into this multifaceted venture.

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