Report: Star Wars Game in Development from Heavy Rain & Detroit Studio

Report: Star Wars Game in Development From Heavy Rain & Detroit Studio

French video game developer Quantic Dream has been quiet since its 2018 PlayStation 4 (and later PC) game Detroit: Become Human. The team hasn’t revealed its next title, but multiple sources point to that next project being a Star Wars game.

There are three sources for this report. The first came from French YouTuber Gautoz who claimed on a long video from September 16 that the studio was signing a deal to work on a Star Wars game since its deal with Sony has wrapped up. DualShockers’ Thomas Henderson then added lightsabers to a Detroit screen shot, liked a few tweets saying Quantic Dream making a Star Wars game, and pointed out that the official Quantic Dream Twitter account liked (and then unliked) a tweet mentioning the rumor before writing up a more detailed report.

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The report claims the two entities had been in talks for around 18 months. However, not everything from the emails Henderson saw were clear so it’s possible that the game has only recently been started within the last few months.

Kotaku also contributed to the story. Although the outlet said it couldn’t “100% confirm” if it was accurate, it did state that the team had been working on it for 18 months and described what kind of game it could be. While it might be easy to assume that it would be less focused on narrative, the report states that it would have “more traditional action gameplay” and might even have multiplayer or an open world.

Quantic Dream has only made games where the action is driven by quick-time events, but apparently the new Montreal branch that it opened in February 2021 is said to lend a helping hand in getting the developer up to speed on developing titles with more typical mechanics. Montreal is a hotbed for Canadian development and the talent there will “provide Quantic Dream with more development expertise on areas outside of the branching storytelling and cinematic-driven narratives,” according to two anonymous sources.

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This transition appears to have come with some snags as those sources also said that Quantic Dream’s engine wasn’t designed around action games, which makes sense given the developer’s output. This change has also allegedly caused some tension within the team as they argue over what the game should focus on.


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