Report: Metroid Prime Switch Re-Release In Development

Report: Metroid Prime Switch Re-Release In Development

Nintendo is hot off releasing Metroid Dread and sources say that new title is about to joined by an old one. A Metroid Prime Switch re-release is reportedly in development, giving users easier access to the 2002 GameCube classic.

This report has multiple different sources pointing to the same information. This first comes from insider Emily Rodgers who tweeted that development on a Metroid Prime remaster wrapped up in the summer. GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb also said something similar in September. VideoGamesChronicle then corroborated the report and stated that it “had heard separately from our [its] sources.”

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While these reports aren’t highly detailed, it sounds like this is more of a simple remaster and not a complete remake like Metroid Samus Returns or something more involved. It also seems as though this isn’t part of a trilogy remaster, at least yet. Rumors had been swirling for quite some time about the whole trilogy being ported to the Switch, but it sounds like, according to Grubb, that those reports were extrapolating from rumblings surrounding the first game and extending that to the other two games in the Prime series. However, Rodgers mentioned that the plan originally was remaster the first game and use that as a starting point for Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 3 remasters. Although she noted that she doesn’t know if the pandemic through a wrench into those plans.

The idea of a trilogy may also be because of the Metroid Prime Trilogy re-release on the Wii that put all three games in one bundle in 2009. All three supported motion controls. However, if Metroid Prime 3 does come to the Switch, it will likely have to go through some sort of overhaul since it relied so heavily on motion controls, which makes sense since it was the only Wii-exclusive title of the bunch.

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