Pokémon Go Creator Releases New Game, Pikmin Bloom

Pokémon Go Developer Releases New Game, Pikmin Bloom

The next game from Pokémon Go creator Niantic has arrived, and it’s another take on a classic Nintendo property. Pikmin Bloom is the latest game from the developer, and will see the highly popular Pikmin series brought over to the mobile game world. Developed in partnership with Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom will be rolling out to both the Google Play Store and App Store over the coming days, with the game already available in Australia and Singapore.

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From the announcement trailer, the game seems to have a very similar style and overall look to Pokémon Go, with the game encouraging players to walk around and explore the real world. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect Pikmin, grow a team of them, and also help cultivate a “garden” along the paths you’ve walked. The shared garden will grow as more people walk the same paths.

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It’s unclear whether or not this game will be as big of a hit as Pokémon Go was, as Niantic has tried to replicate the formula in the past with games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that didn’t manage to capture the same excitement. However, Pikmin is a beloved property and another Nintendo one, at that.


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