Netflix's Kate Getting Roguelike Game Tie-In, Releases Next Month

Netflix’s Kate Getting Roguelike Game Tie-In, Releases Next Month

Netflix has stated that it wanted to get more into gaming. Some of that initiative appears to still be in putting games based on its films and shows on other platforms as evidenced by the announcement of Kate: Collateral Damage. It’s a roguelike based on Kate, the action film that hit the streaming service in early September 2021. There’s no price yet, but the game coming to PC via Steam on October 22.

Netflix revealed Kate: Collateral Damage through a brief trailer on one of its Twitter accounts. It’s an isometric action roguelike that sees the titular Kate slice and shoot through the Yakuza. Since she has been poisoned, it’s a race against the clock and is where the roguelike elements come into play. The time is shown at the top through a bar that ticks down. Killing foes and special items slow how quickly it depletes so the game rewards forward progress and skill. Its roguelike elements also show up in its perks system, which can buff players. The Steam page doesn’t list how many the game has, though.

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Kate is able to pick up guns or melee weapons from dead enemies or the environment. Firearms have a limited supply of bullets and players will have to manage their inventory carefully much like Hotline Miami. And also like that title, most enemies die in one or two hits. However, so does Kate so it’s a constant duel between glass cannons. Players will also have to protect a young woman named Ani, much like in the film, but she can also help the player, too.

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Ludic Studios is developing and publishing the game. The Brazilian team has only released on other title, Akane, which has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam. Given the gameplay and visual similarities, Kate: Collateral Damage seems like a natural next step for the team.


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