Netflix Games Will Be Free For Subscribers

Netflix Games Will Be Free For Subscribers

After a few reports and a high-profile hiring, Netflix has officially spoken about its upcoming foray into the video game space. These games will included in the subscription and will only be on mobile devices for now. No release date or window was given.

Netflix revealed this in a letter to its shareholders. On the fourth page, it cited Bandersnatch and the (poorly received) Stranger Things game from 2019 as two examples to build around. Netflix views gaming as “another new content category” and likened this endeavor to its venture into original content. After stating that it would initially be primarily focused on mobile titles, the streaming company said it wanted to learn more about how its “members value games.” Later in the letter, it said Fortnite developer and publisher Epic Games was also one of its direct competitors.

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There was no word on how its gaming initiative would work or what kinds of game it was going to get on its platform. Going after the mobile market first does imply that these games would be smaller in scope and Sony might have something to do with it, given the DualSense and Ghost of Tsushima files found in a recent datamine. And while Netflix is known for streaming, Axios reported that this would include downloadable games and be like Apple Arcade, which is a subscription hub of curated games on iOS devices.

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