Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Expansion Gets Story Trailer

The Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut not only has a few PlayStation 5-specific enhancements, but it also comes with a new expansion for both the PS4 and PS5 versions. Jin Sakai will travel south to Iki Island to face a new threat, which is something the new trailer delves into.

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The trailer shows Jin arriving at Iki Island, an island Sucker Punch describes as a “lawless land of raiders and criminals, scarred by memories of war, and fiercely independent.” An unknown pack of Mongols led by a mysterious shaman may be the impetus for his journey, but it sounds like he ends up taking a journey of healing along the way.

Sucker Punch said it would continue to tell “intimate, emotional, personal stories” and also spoke about this trauma-focused journey, relating it to the past year and the struggles the world has gone through.

“With everything that has happened this past year, it’s no accident we also wanted to tell a story of healing… And we felt this would pose a unique and compelling challenge for Jin,” said Senior Writer Patrick Downs. “We all suffer wounds, from the humblest farmer to the mightiest jito. Wounds from the past that we carry with us. And the thing about a wound is that you can’t fight it, or stealth your way around it. Ghost weapons and samurai techniques won’t help you. A wound can only be healed.”

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Since it was more of a story-focused trailer, it didn’t contain any details about the new mechanics. Players will likely have to wait a bit longer for that before it releases on August 20.