Netflix App Datamine Shows Ghost of Tsushima & Games Logo

Netflix App Datamine Shows Ghost of Tsushima & DualSense Images

Netflix is venturing into the gaming space and a recent datamine seems to have unveiled a few more details or hints about the initiative. These uncovered files point to a possible codename as well as references to Ghost of Tsushima and a DualSense controller.

Dataminer and iOS developer Steve Moser pointed out his findings on Twitter in the above tweet. In it, he discovered a possible logo for Netflix Games, but had to follow it up with a second tweet because the logo’s white text was also on a white background. There was also a small picture of a shark fin, corroborating claims that “Shark” is its codename.

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But there are two other more peculiar, Sony-oriented findings. One is just an image of the Ghost of Tsushima key art while another is a stylized photo of two DualSense controllers. It’s not clear exactly what these vague images mean. The controllers could signify that Sony’s pads would work with Netflix Games’ titles. Although it doesn’t seem likely that the Ghost of Tsushima pic means it will be coming to Netflix, even if Netflix is also allegedly looking into downloadable games.

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However, it could be something else in the universe. There is a Ghost of Tsushima movie in the works and Netflix and Sony did ink a deal in April 2021 that gave the streaming service exclusive first-pay window to stream any movie released in theaters starting in 2022. Given that deal, it wouldn’t be too outlandish to see PlayStation and Netflix work together, too. The pieces are there for something, but the full picture is just out of focus, hidden in the brush like the true Ghost of Tsushima.


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