Norman Reedus: Death Stranding 2 ‘Is in Negotiations Right Now’

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Release Date, New Features Revealed

After its reveal at the Summer Games Fest, Sony promised that more information on the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut would be coming later in the summer and now, like Sam “Porter” Bridges, it has finally delivered. The Death Stranding: Director’s Cut release date is September 24 for PlayStation 5 and will come with a slew of new content, as shown in the trailer below. PS4 owners can upgrade to the standard edition of the Director’s Cut on PS5 for $10.

The Director’s Cut doe not just have a few new skins and a higher frame rate. Instead, it will have a bunch of new tools, modes, and reworked mechanics.

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The trailer teases new boss fights as well as advanced melee mechanics. It appears as though Sam doesn’t have to just swing away with his fists and can now drop kick MULEs or use other combative techniques. There’s also a new Maser gun, which appeared to electrocute enemies, as well as a mounted machine gun that both Sam and MULEs can take advantage of. New shooting ranges let Sam test out his new gear, which sounds vaguely like a callback to VR missions added to some of the re-releases of the old Metal Gear Solid games.

But there are also new structures to build as well. The are cargo catapults that shoot cargo into the sky. A new support skeleton is now in the game, but its function was not clear. The buddy bots that were in the main campaign as automatic deliveries can now be constructed to ride alongside Sam. Players can even hitch a ride on top of them. Jump ramps are an alternative to bridges and looked like they charged Sam’s battery when he flew through a ring at the end. And, lastly, there is a new racing circuit for some reason, complete with different courses. All of this is delicately woven into the core experience and not jammed into any one part.

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There are also new story missions, but Kojima Productions didn’t show more than a glimpse of them. A Q&A video posted after the State of Play revealed other tidbits as well. The Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077 stuff from the PC will come to the PS5 version as well. There will be two modes: a Performance Mode that runs at 60 frames per second with upscaled 4K and Fidelity Mode that runs at native 4K. Ultrawide and HDR support will also be in this version. The Digital Deluxe Edition will be full price — $60 — but the standard edition upgrade is still $10. New UI changes and online support are coming as well, including leaderboards and “Friend Play,” the latter of which wasn’t detailed.


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