Shibas Attack in the Lost Judgment Gameplay Trailer

During Sony’s State of Play, a new Lost Judgment gameplay trailer for the upcoming Yakuza spin-off and sequel to 2018’s Judgment was showcased.

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In the new trailer, a look at a ton of different gameplay elements were shown, with private detective Takayuki Yagami scaling walls, solving crimes, and even doing some more outlandish activities like going to boxing and dancing class, doing some gnarly tricks on a skateboard, and even taking down foes with a pet Shiba Inu.

You can check out the new gameplay trailer for Lost Judgment below:

Acting as a sequel to the 2018 Judgment, the game sees players once again taking on the role of Takayuki Yagami, as he’s called in to help to investigate Akihiro Ehara’s potential involvement in a sexual harassment case after a dead body is found. Yagami will have to investigate across a variety of districts, and similar to both the Yakuza series and the original Judgment, players will be brawling with enemies and diving into storylines that are both dramatic and comedic.

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Lost Judgment is set to release worldwide on September 24, 2021, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.