Sonic Colors: Ultimate Gameplay & Screens Showcase Planet Wisp

Sonic Colors: Ultimate was one of the bigger announcements from the Sonic 30th Anniversary stream. The reveal didn’t show much but now Sega has released some more footage for the upcoming platformer. The new weirdly unlisted trailer has footage for the Planet Wisp level.

It only has just under two minutes of footage, but it does show the big improvement from the game’s original release in 2010 (which can be viewed here for a comparison). This makes sense as it was originally a Wii and DS game, meaning it has never been in HD before. This is likely the Xbox One or PC version as it is in 4K and has the Xbox button prompts in it.

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Sega promises the upgrade will have “enhanced visuals” as well as “refined controls.” “Gameplay upgrades” was also listed but not detailed. There is a new Jade Ghost power up from Team Sonic Racing and it lets player pass through objects and find new paths. The new Rival Rush mode also lets players race Metal Sonic. Check out the gallery below for more screen shots of the game. And the game will also have a few skins based on the 2020 movie. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is still coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 7, 2021 for $40.

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