Halo Infinite Trailer Reveals Multiplayer, Release Window

Halo Infinite Trailer Reveals Multiplayer, Release Window

Halo Infinite saw a heavy delay out of the Xbox Series X/S’ launch last year, but Microsoft has come back at this E3 with a new trailer, release window, and multiplayer reveal. The video reveals the classic Halo multiplayer, which will be free for all players on Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. Halo Infinite‘s release window is still vague, as Microsoft only revealed it would be coming out sometime in holiday 2021. And, as if needed to be said, the game will be on Game Pass on day one.

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The trailer showcased a ton of classic Halo gameplay and weapons. Players can use the grappling hook found in the single-player to hijack vehicles, as shown when one of the players snatched a Banshee out of the air. It also looked like it could grab other equipment, too, which was also shown in the single-player demo from 2020. The iconic announcer is also back. There were also a few mysteries, but 343 will likely reveal more before the game’s launch. Some of those mysteries might be covered in the livestream happening on June 14.

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