SNK’s Stars Return in Metal Slug Tactics, Due Later in 2021


metal slug tactics

Summer Game Fest is well underway, and in one of the week’s first new game announcements, Dotemu and Leikir Studio are bringing back a much, much-beloved SNK franchise.

Metal Slug Tactics is an isometric tactical RPG with a visual style reminiscent of the Metal Slug titles from the Neo Geo’s heyday. Launching on Steam later in 2021, the game sees Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma as they lead the Peregrine Falcon Squad against a series of the franchise’s signature villains.

The game seems to bear no relation to the 2009 mobile Advance Wars-alike, which also went by the name Metal Slug Tactics.

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Metal Gear Tactics will feature missions built from combinations of hand-crafted terrain tiles, which should keep battle layouts unpredictable and ensure clashes require cunning strategy, rather than just remembering what happened on your previous attempt. Further Roguelike elements should ensure that missions are rewardingly replayable.

Metal Slug Tactics will launch on Steam for PC at some point later this year.

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