Battlefield 2042 Gets Debut Trailer & Date, Gameplay Reveal Next Week


EA has finally lifted the lid on the next entry in the Battlefield franchise. Officially named Battlefield 2042, the game will launch on October 21 (according to the Microsoft Store listing) and will feature support for up to 128 players on next-gen platforms.

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The key takeaway from the video though, is that jet trick shots are making a return. Players will be able to jump out of their plane, shoot somebody, and jump right on back into the cockpit.

If the CGI in the trailer is anything to go by, then destructive environments will take center stage and will play a key part in swinging the momentum one way or the other. The popular Conquest and Breakthrough modes from previous Battlefield titles will make a return, whilst an as-yet-undescribed Hazard Zone mode will also be on the cards. An open beta will be available at some point between now and October, although details on that have yet to be confirmed.

Players who preorder the game on the Microsoft Store will get early access to the beta, as well as bonus cosmetics and the Baku ACB-90 knife. We would imagine that PlayStation and PC owners will be offered a similar deal.

More details will be revealed during EA’s official Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal on June 13, which will be part of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

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