Bandai Namco Dates Family Trainer Switch Workout Game


family trainer switch release date

With the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure being one of the hottest selling gaming items of recent years, you would have expected the home workout/gaming crossover floodgates to have been opened.

Surprisingly, that largely hasn’t happened aside from Fitness Boxing, but one title that wants to turn us into a sweaty mess is Bandai Namco’s Family Trainer for Switch, which the company has confirmed will be released in the US and Europe on September 3.

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Family Trainer for Switch previously launched last December in Japan and contains 15 different mini-games that are all designed to help you shed a few of those pandemic pounds. Unlike the company’s previous entries in the series for the Wii (or the NES, if you want to go that far back), the new game won’t require a mat peripheral. Instead, you strap your Joy-Cons on and hit the rapids, track, seesaw, half-pipe, waterfall, or any manner of other locations, all from the comfort of your living room.

The mini-games included are Canoe Downstream, Hop-Hop-Step, Hurdle Run, Jump Rope, Log Dodge, Log Jump, Mole Panic, Pipe Slider, Rail Car Adventure, Seesaw Fight, Speed Roller, Stone Pillar Conveyor, Trick Boarder, Waterfall Climb, and Water Trampoline. Oh, and the straightforwardly named Running. We guess they couldn’t think of a cool title for that one.

Family Trainer for Switch will launch on September 3.

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