Final Fantasy Origins

Report: Team Ninja’s Final Fantasy Origin Being Announced at E3 2021

With just a few weeks left until E3 2021 begins, rumors have begun circulating about the announcements that will be made during the video game tradeshow. One such rumor, which was making rounds around Reddit and Resetera, involves a Final Fantasy spinoff action-RPG from Square Enix and Koei Tecmo development studio Team Ninja.

According to Fanbyte, the studio behind the Ninja Gaiden and Nioh franchises will be developing a Souls-like action RPG titled Final Fantasy Origin per the publication’s sources. As the name suggests, it will occur sometime related to the first Final Fantasy game, which launched on the NES back in 1987.

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It should be noted that this would not be Team Ninja’s first foray within the beloved JRPG franchise. In 2015, the studio released the fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PlayStation 4, PC, and arcades.

While it is being labeled as a Souls-like similar to Nioh, it seems it will not be as challenging as it will be more accessible to a wider audience. The publication’s sources also state that the game is largely developed by the Dissidia NT team. However, it is reported that there is a lot of movement internally and that there aren’t necessarily people designated to just one team.

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In terms of the game’s launch, it seems it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive with a PC release planned at a later date. It is reported that it will be one of Square Enix’s major announcements during its E3 showcase. The publisher plans to release an alpha demo for the game, which will be titled “Stranger in Paradise.”

While the rumor seems likely, there is no guarantee Final Fantasy Origin will make an appearance at Square Enix’s E3 showcase. Anything can happen between now and the tradeshow’s June 12 start date. We will have to wait and see.


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