Hitman 3’s Season of Pride Arrives With Weekly Content Drops


Hitman 3 Pride

They say that pride comes before the fall, but for Hitman 3, pride comes before Summer. The season of Pride starts this week alongside the release of the Pride DLC, featuring new Escalations, several Elusive Targets, and other bonus content across the World of Assassination.

The star of the Pride season is the new Pride-themed DLC, which gives season pass holders several unlockable cosmetics and weapons to work for in a brand new mission. The DLC content and a new Escalation mission are available as of today, but that’s not the only thing coming in the next weeks.

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Starting on Wednesday, May 12, a new Elusive Target arrives in Mendoza. The Iconoclast is a fellow assassin who went against her handler, as she’s too proud to share the spotlight. Agent 47 is tasked with showcasing why he’s the titular Hitman in this mission where players only get one shot at success.

Players can also expect two batches of new featured contracts within Hitman in short order. On May 20, contracts crafted by the Spawn On Me podcast will enter the game. Meanwhile, on June 10, community contracts return with a batch of pride-themed missions by players just like you.

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Those who still haven’t bought into Hitman 3 can experience several bits of free content via the game’s starter pack. The classic movie-themed Icon mission from the original Hitman is free to play from May 14-May 23, and players can check out everything the Paris map has to offer from May 28-June 6. This will include The Black Hat Elusive Target, which runs from June 4 to June 13.