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Walmart’s Unannounced Game Streaming Service Leaked Via Epic Trial

An unannounced plan for a cloud streaming service from retail giant Walmart leaked out today from the ongoing court battle between Fortnite maker Epic Games and Apple. The service, dubbed Project Storm, would have worked in a similar fashion to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, allowing users to hook into cloud computers and run games at higher fidelity than what their home machines can allow.

The plans describe a service with several different points of entry, including buying individual games, subscribing to a service provided by Walmart, or logging into other services where one might have games like Steam, Epic Games, and Origin.

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Rumors about such a service have been ongoing for some time in the industry, but this is the first confirmation that the company was planning on launching it before the pandemic delayed its rollout. There’s no word on when or if Walmart will follow through with these plans, as the service was never meant to be revealed this way.

These documents are public knowledge due to the ongoing legal issues between Epic and Apple over the iPhone maker barring in-game transactions in Fortnite that circumvent the App Store.

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Several other documents have also leaked out as a result of the first day of the court case, including payouts Epic gave to developers in exchange for offering their games for free and leaks of deals for future Fortnite crossover appearances.


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