Ash Williams May Be Headed to Dead by Daylight


Ash Williams May Be Headed to Dead by Daylight

Ash Williams may be headed to Dead by Daylight

It’s been three years since gamers first got their hands on the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight and Behaviour Interactive has continued to deliver exciting and frightening downloadable content to keep fans coming back, including this month’s “Demise of the Fateful” which may be teasing an iconic horror hero’s arrival to the game as pointed out by Bloody Disgusting.

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Released on March 19, the new DLC features a new map entitled the Temple of Purgation, also known as the Red Forest, a new killer named The Plague and a new hero named Jane Romero, but the most notable new additions are perks entitled “Mettle of Man,” “Buckle Up” and “Flip-Flop,” all of which are rare to achieve in game.

In addition to be references to the franchise itself, the perks are all labelled as the “Ashley J. Williams” perk for the protagonist of the acclaimed horror franchise Evil Dead, in which the chainsaw-wielding hero was portrayed by Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice). The perks have so far only appeared in the PlayStation 4 version of the DLC and Behaviour has neither confirmed nor denied the character’s potential future in the game, but the chance that Ash could appear as a playable character has sent fans into an excited frenzy.

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Were Ash to appear in the game, he would not be the first licensed character Behaviour has added as DLC to the game, as previous additions have included Halloween‘s Michael Meyers and Laurie Strode, Left 4 Dead‘s William “Bill” Overbeck, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Leatherface, A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Kruger and Quentin Smith and Saw‘s Jigsaw pig costume and David Tapp.

Dead by Daylight was first released in June 2016 on Windows to generally positive reviews before being ported to the PS4 and XBOX One the following June and to the Nintendo Switch last month.