CS Plays: The Last of Us Part II Walkthrough Video Part 1


CS Plays: The Last of Us Part II Walkthrough Video Part 1

After years of waiting, Naughty Dog finally released The Last of Us Part II and the reactions have been … ah … decidedly mixed so far. Critics love the game according to Metacritic where the game holds a 94% overall rating, while the combined user tally is 32%.

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I decided to find out what all the hubbub was about, and invited Podcast 426 members Josh Ames and Bryce Carlile to join me on the ride. So far, the game is visually dazzling and actually quite remarkable with its overall design. The story remains somber and grim, which, I suppose, is the point, but also makes the gaming experience less fun than, say, Uncharted.

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Since the game is so friggin’ long, we’re going to release a handful of videos over the next few weeks that will hopefully cover a large majority of the game. And I do this with the obvious disclaimer that we suck at playing games. Plus, all of us have the attention span of a goldfish… take that as you will and enjoy Part 1 of our Last of Us Part II walkthrough!