Super Nintendo World Opening at Universal Studios Japan in Spring 2021

Super Nintendo World Opening at Universal Studios Japan in Spring 2021

Nintendo has released the news that Super Nintendo World will be coming to Universal Studios Japan in spring 2021 (via SlashFilm). The theme park was originally scheduled to open earlier this summer but it was delayed due to the ongoing global pandemic.

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Super Nintendo World is inspired by iconic Nintendo games and characters. Before its debut, though, Universal Studios Japan is planning on opening the Mario Cafe in the Hollywood area on October 16, along with a merchandise store.

Schwab’s Pharmacy and The Darkroom in the Hollywood area are being transformed into the cafe and the shop, with exteriors “remodeled to feature the red and green motifs, and iconic caps, of Mario and Luigi.” The shop will also feature mushrooms, blocks, and pipes from the games and will include Mario-themed treats and merch.

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The Mario treats and drinks will reportedly include “Mario Strawberry Cream Soda, Luigi Green Apple Cream Soda, Princess Peach Cream Soda, Mario’s Hat Pancake Sandwich (Strawberry Shortcake), Luigi’s Hat Pancake Sandwich (Grape & Rare Cheesecake), and a Super Mushroom Sipper.”

The outlet also shared that a new Mario Kart ride and a “slower Yoshi omnimover” will be two new attractions introduced at Super Nintendo World.


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