Godzilla Monsters Coming to Magic: The Gathering


Godzilla Monsters Coming to Magic: The Gathering

Godzilla monsters coming to Magic: The Gathering

The iconic strategy game Magic: The Gathering has expanded to other franchises in the past and now The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that the classic monster universe Godzilla is making a crossover with multiple monsters making appearances.

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The Godzilla Series Monster cards will showcase a different concept artist’s work of iconic monsters including Mothra, King Caesar and Godzilla, amongst others, and will debut in the game’s spring premiere set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths.

We grew up watching Godzilla and for years we’d wanted to create a set that captures the scale and excitement of those classic giant monster movies,” Mark Heggen, product architect at Magic: The Gathering, told THR. “All Magic sets have monsters of some variety, but we wanted to dial things all the way up and express that building-smashing, shake-the-ground, “run!” type of drama that those movies do so well.

Players will be able to obtain the Godzilla Series cards from sealed draft booster packs and Ikoria collector boosters through the Wizards Play Network Store, describing them as “real Magic cards” that players will be able to put into a casual deck and used to “crush your friends at home.”

The full list of cards are as follows:

·         Anguirus, Armored Killer

·         Babygodzilla, Ruin Reborn

·         Biollante, Plant Beast Form

·         Bio-Quartz Spacegodzilla

·         Destoroyah, Perfect Lifeform

·         Dorat, the Perfect Pet

·         Ghidorah, King of the Cosmos

·         Gigan, Cyberclaw Terror

·         Godzilla, Doom Inevitable

·         Godzilla, King of the Monsters

·         Godzilla, Primeval Champion

·         King Caesar, Ancient Guardian

·         King Caesar, Awoken Titan

·         Mothra, Supersonic Queen

·         Rodan, Titan of Winged Fury

·         Spacegodzilla, Void Invader

·         決戦兵器、メカゴジラ (Crystalline Giant – Japanese only)

·         暗黒破壊獣、バトラ (Dirge Bat – Japanese only)

·         モスラの巨大な繭 (Mothra’s Great Cocoon – Japanese only)

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We built a brand-new world called ‘Ikoria’ to be a playground for our own new batch of gigantic monsters, and then at some point we decided to just invite the biggest, baddest monster of all to join us,” Heggan said. “We’ve never done anything like this before, but for this set the idea of having Godzilla and his friends crash the party just felt natural.

The 16 new cards, which will be available in English while the Japanese release will feature three exclusive cards, will also appear in Magic: The Gatering Arena, the free-to-play digital version of the physical card game.

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths releases April 16 on Magic: The Gathering Arena, with full retail store worldwide release on May 15.