Mondo Drops New Godzilla Gallery Collection

Mondo Drops New Godzilla Gallery Collection

Mondo has dropped a limited edition flash sale for their new Godzilla gallery. Mondo was originally scheduled to have a Godzilla show at SXSW before the event was canceled, and they are now sharing their collection online. You can check out more details below and click here to grab your posters — but hurry, they’re selling out fast!

The collection includes a new poster, plus a variant edition, by Oliver Barrett. The release of Godzilla in 1954 changed everything. It breathed atomic life into an iconic character that inspired monster kids all over the world, and whose legacy spans over 60 years, 30+ films, and across toys, comic books, and video games. With Godzilla in all his destructive glory, Oliver’s poster is about as perfect a hat tip as you could hope for the iconic first film.

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There are also posters from Tom Whalen for Shōwa era films Godzilla vs Megalon and Terror of Mechagodzilla. When Mondo first started putting together the artist roster for this collection, Tom was one of the first artists they asked as a lifelong kaiju kid. In Godzilla vs Megalon, Godzilla teams up with fan-favorite Jet Jaguar to battle against Megalon and awesome cyborg kaiju Gigan, while Terror of Mechagodzilla pits Godzilla against MechaGodzilla 2 and Titanosaurus. Tom always has a strong eye for design and composition, and these posters are brilliant examples of that. All four posters also feature beautiful metallic inks.

You can also get a sneak peek at Mondo’s upcoming Godzilla Tiki mugs and statues by clicking here!