Minority Report (Blu-ray)


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Rating: PG-13

Tom Cruise as Chief John Anderton
Max von Sydow as Director Lamar Burgess
Steve Harris as Jad
Neal McDonough as Fletcher
Patrick Kilpatrick as Knott
Jessica Capshaw as Evanna
Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer
Samantha Morton as Agatha
Daniel London as Wally the Caretaker
Michael Dickman as Arthur
Matthew Dickman as Dashiell
Lois Smith as Dr. Iris Hineman
Tim Blake Nelson as Gideon
Anna Maria Horsford as Casey

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Special Features:
The Future According to Steven Spielberg HD
Inside The World of Precrime HD
Phillip K. Dick, Steven Speilberg and Minority Report HD
Minority Report: Future Realized HD
Minority Report: Props of the Future HD
Highlights from Minority Report: From the Set
Minority Report: Commercials of the Future HD
Previz Sequences
From Story to Screen
Deconstructing Minority Report
The Stunts of Minority Report
ILM and Minority Report
Final Report
Production Concepts
Storyboard Sequences

Other Info:
Widescreen (2.35:1)
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
French and Spanish Languages
French and Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 146 Minutes

The Details:
The following is the official description of the film:

“For six years, Washington D.C. has been murder free thanks to astounding technology which identifies killers before they commit their crime. But when the chief of the Precrime Unit (Tom Cruise) is himself accused of a future murder, he has just 36 hours to discover who set him up – or he’ll fall victim to the “perfect” system he helped create.”

“Minority Report” is rated PG-13 for violence, brief language, some sexuality and drug content.

The Movie:
“Minority Report” finally gets the Blu-ray treatment after its 2002 theatrical release. Looking at it 8 years later, it’s still an impressive murder mystery. Filled with conspiracy and a whodunit…or should I say “who’ll do it”…set against a futuristic backdrop, it’s a movie well worth revisiting.

One interesting aspect of this film is the morality of predicting crimes before they happen. Should someone be incarcerated for something they haven’t done yet? What if they changed their minds at the last moment? What if the system was tampered with? It’s an intriguing concept that I don’t think was explored in film before “Minority Report.”

The other interesting aspect of “Minority Report” is the futuristic technology. While I think it’s a stretch that we’d have wall crawling, automated cars riding on vertical super highways in 2054, it’s still fun to see on the big screen. The robotic spiders, retina scanners, and other technology are also cool. But seeing Tom Cruise operate a computer screen as if he was conducting an orchestra was an artistic touch. The cool cars may be a long way off, but you could see computers controlled this way just around the corner.

At first when I saw the Blu-ray bonus features, I thought they simply re-released the ones on the original two-disc DVD. And while those original bonus features are included, we are also treated to several new ones. Better yet, they’re all in HD. They include “The Future According to Steven Spielberg,” “Inside The World of Precrime,” “Phillip K. Dick, Steven Spielberg and Minority Report,” “Minority Report: Future Realized,” “Minority Report: Props of the Future” and “Minority Report: Commercials of the Future.” This is one of those rare occasions where the newer edition of the movie more than replaces the earlier edition. If you have the DVD, sell it now on e-Bay and get the Blu-ray. There’s enough extra stuff here to justify the expense.