Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fifth & Sixth Seasons in Full Color


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Rating: Not Rated

George Reeves as Clark Kent
Bill Kennedy as Announcer
Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen
Noel Neill as Lois Lane
John Hamilton as Perry White

Special Features:
26 episodes on five discs

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen: interviews with Jack Larson, Noel Neill, and others

Other Info:
Fullscreen (2.35:1)
French and Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 677 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Crime doesn’t pay. Not when Superman is around. Yet that won’t stop Metropolis miscreants feverishly bent on malevolent misdeeds. A deadly … all-kryptonite ray gun, knights in armor, anti-memory vapor, a gizmo that zips bad guys across phone lines, even a mind-reading burro who taps out responses (and who has suspicions about Clark Kent!) – All are called into futile service to thwart the Man of Steel.

“You can set your watch on it.” Jimmy Olsen says about Superman always showing up in the nick of time. The good news for series fans is that he shows up again and again in these 26 flights of fantasy that complete the six-season ‘Adventures of Superman.’ George Reeves returns as the caped hero; stalwart, caring and with a sense of humor… A pairing of star and role that continues to win fans the world over.”

“Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fifth & Sixth Seasons in Full Color” is not rated.

I used to watch the “Adventures of Superman” TV series when I was kid (in reruns of course). So it was fun for me to revisit the show as an adult. While it doesn’t capture my imagination quite the same way, it is still entertaining for other reasons. It’s an interesting snapshot of another era. From the dialogue to the locations to the clothes, it’s an interesting look at the ’50s. The bizarre plotlines are also closer to the comics than modern fans probably realize. George Reeves’ portrayal of the Man of Steel is also unique. He’s humorous, good natured, and almost father-like. For a whole generation he was the definitive Superman. Noel Neill also continues her portrayal of Lois Lane from the movie serials. Jack Larson makes his mark as Jimmy Olsen and really made him notable. Larson truly made a definitive portrayal of Olsen and made him something more than comic relief. The lone bonus feature also happens to feature Jack Larson’s Jimmy Olsen. There are interviews with Superman experts, Noel Neill, and other folks. If you’re a Superman fan, this is one era of Super-lore you’ll want to add to your DVD collection.

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