Greg the Bunny – Best of the Film Parodies


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Rating: TV-MA

Dan Milano as Greg The Bunny
Seth Green as Jimmy
James Murray as Susan the Monster
Bob Gunton as Junction Jack
Dina Spybey as Dottie Sunshine
Drew Massey as Count Freddie Blah

Special Features:
Two featurettes

Commentaries on all 14 episodes

Deleted scenes

Gag reels

Photo galleries

Other Info:
English Surround Stereo
French and Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 3 Hours 20 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“14 Favorite Film Parodies Made By Deranged Puppets

Greg the Bunny is back! Fresh off the heels of his Fox sitcom, Greg gets back to his edgy IFC roots with old pals Warren the Ape, Count Blah and Seth Green for film parodies on the Independent Film Channel! It’s sex, violence and videotape as Greg and his puppet pals parody your favorite classic indie films.

Watch as Greg tunes in, turns on and drops out in Sleazy Rider, Warren goes on a bloodthirsty rampage in Naturally Sewn Killers and Count Blah takes a bite out of crime in The Godpappy!

WARNING: Includes scenes of graphic violence, illegal drug use, nudity…and some puppet sex.”

“Greg the Bunny – Best of the Film Parodies” is rated TV-MA.

After being cancelled on Fox, “Greg the Bunny” got a second chance on the Independent Film Channel. And appropriately enough, the show focuses on parodying movies. They include “Pulp Fiction,” “Easy Rider,” “Annie Hall,” “Barton Fink,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Fargo,” “Auto Focus,” “The Addiction,” “Down By Law,” “Ed Wood,” “The Godfather,” “Eraserhead,” and “Natural Born Killers.” Needless to say, the parodies are much funnier if you’ve seen the films, but it’s not entirely necessary.

If you like seeing a puppet say ‘f**k’, then this is for you. Like a lot of these ‘edgy’ comedy shows, they rely a lot of profanity, sex jokes, and making fun of the disabled for humor. It gets old after a while. The show is really only in top form when it’s parodying the films or the filmmaking process.

The DVD has a large number of bonus features. The Gag Reel and two featurettes are really all the same thing – footage of the creators clowning around behind the scenes. There’s almost enough footage in them for several other episodes. You’ll also find commentary on all of the episodes, a few deleted scenes, and photo galleries.

If you’re a fan of “South Park,” “Family Guy,” Crank Yankers,” or other such comedies, then this DVD should please you. Otherwise pass on it.

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