JAG: The Complete First Season


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Rating: Not Rated

David James Elliott as Lt./Lt. Cmdr./Cmdr./Capt. Harmon ‘Harm’ Rabb Jr.
Tracey Needham as Lt. j.g. Meg Austin

Special Features:
Commentary on “Pilot” by creator/executive producer/writer/director Donald P. Bellisario

How the Series Took Flight

JAG: An Inside Look

The Military Accuracy

Other Info:
Dolby Digital Stereo Surround Sound
Running Time: 16 Hours 50 Minutes

JAG first aired in 1995. The following is from the DVD cover:

“Get ready for action, adventure and suspense in the first season of TV’s longest-running military drama, JAG. The first season of its 10-year reign introduces former flying ace Harmon “Harm” Rabb of the Navy’s Judge Advocate General. Now an attorney, Harm investigates, prosecutes and defends military criminals in cases that often take him behind enemy lines… both in Washington, D.C., and overseas. Catch the action from the beginning with all 21 episodes, including the rarely seen “Skeleton Crew.””

JAG: The Complete First Season is not rated.

I never watched JAG during its 9 year run, but it certainly had an interesting formula. It took your standard murder mystery / crime drama and threw in the added twist of setting it in the Navy. This not only gave it a wide variety of situations to tackle, but it also allowed it to branch into other genres like courtroom drama, military drama, and more. This kept the series relatively fresh and interesting. One episode could feel like Top Gun, another like A Few Good Men, and yet another like an episode of Law & Order. So if you like any of those types of shows, you’ll have a good chance of enjoying JAG.

This first season was interesting for the series. The cast changed frequently, the type of story varied a lot, and the final episode ends on a cliffhanger that leads into Season Two. The show also had a big emphasis in women’s role in the military. A number of the episodes deal with issues arising from integrating women among the men. There were also a number of guest stars worth noting. Included among them are Lost’s Terry O’Quinn, Oliver North, Flash’s John Wesley Shipp, Michael Jai White, and others.

There are a few bonus features included on the DVD. You’ll find featurettes covering the start of the series, the casting, and the military accuracy (despite not having military cooperation in the first season). There’s also a commentary on the pilot by series creator/executive producer/writer/director Donald P. Bellisario.

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