Zoe Saldana on Avatar , The Losers & Star Trek


Zoe Saldana is having quite a year. This summer, Star Trek blew up the box office and on December 18, the much anticipated Avatar hits theaters.

We talked to her briefly at the DVD/Blu-ray release party for Star Trek.

“I’m feeling great, but there’s a part of me that’s happy it’s almost over so I can finally take off my heels,” Saldana joked. “Between guns, a little dress and heels I’m a little tired physically, but I never get mentally tired of talking about these projects I’ve been a part of because it’s every actor’s dream to work with amazing directors especially for a woman in Hollywood and film. To get to work with great directors that actually write great roles for women is not only a treat, but it’s something that should happen more often.”

After Avatar, Saldana will be seen is The Losers playing Aisha.

“She’s a blend of Uhura and Neytiri,” Saldana said. “Toss in a couple of guns and some tattoos – she’s really badass. At times I was kind of afraid of her. I don’t know why it’s a PG-13 movie to be honest.”

Although she kills a lot of people in The Losers, the young actress said playing Neytiri in Avatar was the more difficult role.

“In my entire career, that was the most challenging role I’ve ever played. It just challenged me from head to toe. Not only did I have to become more in tune with my body and train for seven months to do this role, but it was also a mental thing where I had to dehumanize myself because I was playing a different species–not of a different country. I was from a different planet so it took a lot of time and it was the most amazing experience I ever had.”