The Ten Quintessential Midwestern Films


midwestern films

The ten quintessential Midwestern films is headed to the rust belt to figure out the very best examples of Midwestern movies. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

It’d be impossible to put a number to just how many films take place on the east and west coasts. New York and Los Angeles have to be the two most-mined locations in film history, no doubt. It’s not surprising—the cities are beautiful and lush and full of all kinds of great inspiration—but it’s worth considering the films of the American Midwest, for sure.

Sofia Coppola, Richard Linklater, the Coen Brothers, Terrence Malick, even David Lynch—all have found it within themselves to show some love to the Midwestern states and all their glory. From fields of wheat to podunk towns to simple country living, these are the most quintessential Midwestern films.