The Ten Best Singers Who Act


singers who act

The ten best singers who act is turning up the music to figure out which of these singing actors deserve recognition. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Singers are performers, undoubtedly. The ability to go up on a stage and put on a show or go into a booth and perform heartfelt songs takes an amount of courage and confidence that is possessed by actors and singers alike. Making one’s self vulnerable and open takes a channelling of the mind, body, and soul. That’s why it’s not surprising when a singer decides to take on acting.

It’s been happening almost as long as the medium of film has been around—not just in music videos or concert films, but in actual feature films themselves. This collection consists of equal parts contemporary artists and 20th century icons, proving that this phenomenon isn’t going away any time soon. Frankly, some of these singers are good enough to be welcome on-screen any time.