The Ten Best Movies Robbed Of Best Picture


robbed of best picture

The ten best movies robbed of Best Picture can’t believe how many great films have never won Best Picture. Check out our favorites in the gallery below!

If there’s one thing that remains abundantly clear in the nearly 100 years since the invention of the Academy Awards, it’s that an Oscar doesn’t always mean the winning movie is any better than a losing movie. In fact, with plenty of distance between now and when these films listed below had their big loss, it’s clear to see that—quite often, in fact—the losers are much better than the winners. Whether they were simply misunderstood at the time of the ceremony or they were flat-out robbed, there are countless iconic films that were robbed of the grand prize at the biggest awards ceremony in the industry.

Mob movies, cult classics, gripping dramas, sci-fi epics, even pitch-black comedies—the injustices aren’t limited to any one genre or any one particular director. Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, even Orson Welles himself—with a list like this without a single Best Picture among them, there’s just no denying it. More often than not, the best movie of the year never even received the highest honor at the Academy Awards. The bigger honor is losing, because it means you go down in history as the one who got away.