Spy x Family Episode 4: The Prestigious School’s Interview Review

Spy x Family continues to charm with its fourth episode, which revolves around getting Anya into the prestigious Eden Academy. After plenty of preparation, the Forger family travels to Eden’s campus, only to be bombarded by bizarre tests and an intense interview that tests their commitment to Loid’s mission.

In “The Prestigious School’s Interview,” the pacing of Spy x Family continues to impress, as there was never a dull moment throughout. Just the walk from the entrance to the interview is filled with trials and tribulations, as the Forger family attempts to blend in without attracting any attention.

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The Forgers having a seemingly endless suitcase of clothing for each time their outfits got ruined had me laughing, particularly because of the elegance-obsessed housemaster Henry Henderson. Seeing Henry respond to Loid’s increasingly silly levels of preparation is a lot of fun, especially once the local animals start rampaging.

This series of tests allowed each character to show off their skills and specialties in neat ways. Yor paralyzing the raging bull using a technique she learned at “yoga” made me chuckle, and Anya’s kind disposition towards the felled beast made for a cute moment – one that continues to establish her as the highlight of the series so far.

There’s an excellent balance of comedic gags and serious character-building moments, as it becomes very clear that Loid especially is growing to care a great deal for his “fake” family. As Anya is relentlessly challenged by Housemaster Swan, Loid and Yor’s protective instincts begin to arise, making for some heart-warming moments (as heart-warming as threatening officials with spy talents can be). I look forward to seeing how much closer this family gets, as this episode made it quite clear that they all wish to remain together, even if the mission fails.

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The harsh interview has plenty of little jokes spread throughout to ease the tension without it ever feeling out of place. Anya repeatedly mispronouncing names and reading minds to find the optimal answers makes for some good bits, with the housemasters’ reactions taking the cake. Even the more serious moments with the endlessly mean Housemaster Swan are established well in the moment, making his cruelty feel like a natural result of his character.

Ending on a cliffhanger as to whether or not Anya will be admitted to Eden is an interesting choice, though it would be shocking for her not to get in given the importance Eden has to Loid’s mission and the overall plot of the series. Still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t eagerly anticipating next week’s episode to see just how the Forger family will deal with Eden Academy’s decision. It’s getting harder and harder to not read ahead in the manga, just out of sheer excitement.

SCORE: 9/10

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