YouTuber Corpse Husband Joins Cast of Tribe Nine English Dub

YouTuber & Musician Corpse Husband Joins Cast of Tribe Nine English Dub

YouTuber Corpse Husband, who is known for his particularly deep voice, announced that he would be making his voice acting debut in the new action sci-fi anime Tribe Nine.

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Corpse Husband will serve as the voice of the masked antagonist Ouijiro Otori, the leader of the Chiyoda Tribe and someone who believes that winning is more important than anything else. The popular YouTuber and musician will be joined by the rest of the English language cast for the series, which includes Valentine Stokes, Caitlyn Elizabeth, and Calvin Joyal, among others.

The English dub began on January 31, 2022, and new episodes of Tribe Nine will premiere on Mondays, exclusively on Funimation’s streaming service.

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“Fed up with society, youngsters all around Neo-Tokyo formed tribes to find their place in the world,” reads the official synopsis for the series. “However, group loyalty among them grew fierce and often led to violence. As a countermeasure, the government implemented the XB Law—stating that the tribe conflict is to be resolved through Extreme Baseball. From players using extendable bats to pitchers wearing special equipment, Extreme Baseball is a futuristic version of the sport with modified rules, less restrictions, and bizarre applications of technology.”


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