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One Piece, Kakushigoto Headline Funimation’s August 2021 Blu-ray Releases

Funimation revealed its August 2021 slate of Blu-ray releases. It seems there is something for everyone, from beloved anime series like One Piece to the second season of A Certain Magical Index II.

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Take a look below and see which anime you want to add to your shelf. All of the titles below are available to pre-order now on The Funimation Shop.

Available August 3

  • Fire Force – Season 2 Part 1

Available August 10

  • Lapis Re:LiGHTs – The Complete Season (Sub only)
  • One Piece – Collection 27
  • The Tatami Galaxy – The Complete Series (Sub only)
  • Ultimate Otaku Teacher – The Complete Series

Available August 17

  • DECA-DENCE – The Complete Season
  • A Certain Magical Index II – Season 2

Available August 24

  • Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! – The Complete Series

Available August 31

  • Kakushigoto – The Complete Season

While One Piece is by far the most well-known anime featured on the list, there are some releases coming that would make great additions to anyone’s growing anime collection.

One of which is the series Kakushigoto. The anime follows a popular manga artist named Kakushi Gotou who is known for his explicit art. However, after becoming a father to his daughter Hime, he vows to keep his profession a secret from her. As such, he does everything and anything to keep that secret hidden.

Another favorite can be found with Fire Force. The anime series is set in a world where spontaneous human combustion has plagued the human race for years. The earliest reports of this phenomenon transformed these people into flaming creatures known as Infernals. However, as time went on, human combustion started to give those affected the power to manipulate fire. In order to fight back against the Infernals, these pyrokinetics help form the Special Fire Force.

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