Michael Bay Promises Next ‘Transformers 2’ Trailer Will Spoil Most of the Film


Photo: Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks

Michael Bay has revealed that not only is the latest Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl trailer just the start of things to come, but it also doesn’t spoil the movie nearly enough. “Just wait until they see the next one,” he tells us exclusively, “we are going to show so many robots you won’t believe how many robots there are!”

Quite excited at the prospect of having a bunch of robots in his film The Bay revealed that the rest of the trailers leading up to the film should give away the majority of the plot, but he will be holding back on showing most of the explosions.

“A movie isn’t an actual movie unless things are blowing up and I blow them up with the best of them,” The Bay said. “Sure, you can have emotional moments and we have those with Megan and Shia, but when it comes down to it no one goes to a movie for the actual story as much as they go to see robots and things explode and we got that! I am the only director to have a direct line to the Pentagon. The Pentagon. Pentagon. You think Martin Scorsese can just call the Pentagon? Pentagon?”

When asked about the possibility of Constructicons showing up in the film I lost some steam because I didn’t know what they were and had not yet watched the Super Bowl trailer, but he did say, “It’s all bullshit. I am just toying with the fanboys.” He emphasized “toying” as if to pass a mocking nudge at how the toys from the film have created such an online stir. “Did you see all the articles about the Soundwave toy? Pentagon. So funny, my robots ain’t toys, they will kill you!”

I concluded the brief conversation asking Bay if fanboy assumptions were correct and Megatron was going to show up in the film after instead of destroying the Decepticon leader at the end of the first film they decided to dump him into the ocean. The Bay laughed and simply said, “ME-GA-TRON! Hey, that sounds like Pentagon, I wonder if the Pentagon is a robot too.”

The next trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be shown in front of screenings of Friday the 13th in theaters beginning February 13 and will then hit the Internet a week later.