CinemaCon: First Footage From Taken 2 Screened


We’re still catching up on the Fox presentation we watched earlier, but since they were covering the entire year, it would only be expected that they’d have some new footage from Luc Besson’s anticipated action-thriller Taken 2, returning Liam Neeson to the role of ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills, who had to save his daughter from the Armenian sex trade in the 2008 Fox hit Taken.

There isn’t a lot to say about the footage they showed except that it opens with Neeson’s Bryan being greeted by his wife (Famke Janssen) and daughter (Maggie Grace), saying “We wanted to surprise you!” They all seem happy so clearly the family issues from the first movie have been resolved.

Although there’s another family who isn’t as happy and that’s the large group of men standing around graves, clearly the family of the men Bryan killed in the first movie–something we know by the quick burst of kills shown from the movie. Led by Rade Sebedzija’s character, they’re ready to get some revenge which means that Bryan’s whole family may now be in danger. We see him telling his daughter that they’re going to come for her and instructing her to find a large case full of guns; we also see her climbing out on the ledge to avoid being caught by someone.

The title card says, “They’re Coming For Him” and then we see lots of snippets of Liam fighting the guys coming after him. It’s really hard to describe action so we won’t try, but it looks like the type of hardcore action we’ve come to expect from Luc Besson. Apparently, Maggie Grace is going to be a lot more involved in the action, because we see her doing a bit of fast driving herself.

Taken 2 opens October 5.