Hammer Films Plans Jack the Ripper Tale Gaslight


Hammer, an Exclusive Media company, has announced today that it has acquired the rights to Gaslight, an original screenplay written by newcomer Ian Fried.

The project, described as an “atmospheric thriller in the vein of ‘From Hell’ meets ‘Silence of the Lambs,'” made the 2011 “Black List” of unproduced screenplays, and was given the following official logline:

Secretly imprisoned in a London insane asylum, the infamous Jack the Ripper helps Scotland Yard investigators solve a series of grisly murders whose victims all share one thing in common: dual puncture wounds to the neck.

Ian Fried is currently writing an original supernatural action project called Spectral for Legendary Pictures. His previous script, The Ever After Murders, featuring fairy tale characters investigating murder scenes, also landed on HollywoodÂ’s Black List in 2010.

Hammer most recently produced The Woman in Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe. It opened this past weekend in the US, taking in over $21m at the US box office.