WB Dates Affleck’s ‘Live by Night’ and Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’


Live by NightBen Affleck has his hands full finishing up David Fincher‘s Gone Girl and moving to Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs. Superman after that where he’ll play the Dark Knight. But once all that’s over with the director of the Best Picture-winning Argo will move on to his second adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel with the Prohibition Era story, Live by Night, which Warner Bros. just set for a Christmas Day 2015 release date.

The Boston-set story centers on on Joe Coughlin, who rebels against his cop father and becomes a career criminal, eventually joining a mobster. He rises up the ranks as the action moves to Tampa, Fla., then Cuba and features rumrunners, femme fatales, betrayals and good men committing plenty of sin.

No cast is yet attached to the project and it may be some time before we actually hear anything more concerning the film, though after Gone Baby Gone, I’m interested in seeing what he’ll do with another Lehane story.

Secondly, Clint Eastwood is ready to get back behind the camera with his adaptation of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys, which will now hit theaters on June 14, 2014, the same weekend as Screen Gems’ sequel, Think Like a Man Too.

Eastwood’s cast is top-lined by Christopher Walken who’s joined by Jeremy Luke, Joey Russo, Vincent Piazza and Erica Piccininni.