Your Box Office Predictions for ‘Monsters University’, ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘World War Z’

your-predictions-6-21Yesterday I RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge feature, which allows you to finally add your box office predictions to the site without having to merely leave them in the comments to be sorted through and 111 of you posted predictions, more than we’ve ever had contribute in the comments alone. And just wait until you see your names in lights on the leaderboard… You’re going to want that Box Office champion crown!

The great thing is not only can we use this information to run our competition, but we can average it all out and see how close the RopeofSilicon community as a whole can come to predicting the eventual box-office.

Compared to Laremy’s predictions, the reader predictions all average lower, but would still support the idea of three movies making more than $50 million this weekend, something that has never happened.

Personally, had I been posting predictions I would have gone somewhere around the $60-70 million range for Monsters University and I see World War Z doing around $35 million worth of business. There are only small fragments of information coming out right now so I have nothing to share by way of how things may shape out, but Paramount is predicting a $40+ million result for WWZ, which is most often a conservative bet.

Nevertheless, here are how the reader predictions compare to Laremy’s predictions. You can see the full list of all of the predictions right here and I will be back here on Sunday morning with the weekend wrap-up and the preliminary results of the Box Office Challenge… remember, results won’t be final until Monday afternoon once actual numbers are in.

Your Predictions

  • Monsters University – $84.45 million
  • Man of Steel – $58.54 million (49.7% drop)
  • World War Z – $53.38 million
  • The Bling Ring – $3.94 million

Laremy’s Predictions

  • Monsters University – $91.2 million
  • Man of Steel – $65.3 million (43.9% drop)
  • World War Z – $63 million
  • The Bling Ring – $4.6 million

In the comments if you have any suggestions for the Box Office Challenge let me know. The feature is brand new and I’m open to hearing your thoughts, what you like and what you don’t. If you haven’t yet read all the rules, regulations and scoring details for the competition you can do so right here.

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