‘The Lorax’ as Projected Against Snowstorm Nemo is Quite Stunning


The Lorax projected on snow

Photo: Brian Maffitt

The headline says it all, Brian Maffitt of Chestnut Ridge, New York set up his Canon EOS 7D and projected Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax against the recent snowstorm dubbed Nemo by the Weather Channel and the video above is the result.

In an email correspondence with The Atlantic, Maffitt chose The Lorax “for the sole reason that it was at the top of the list under ‘Children’s Movies’ on Netflix” where he presumed the films with the highest level of color saturation would reside.

As the snow came down, Maffitt tells The Atlantic “the intended colors were lost, replaced by pure red, green, and blue dots, produced by the rotating color wheel on the front of the single-chip DLP video projector.”

As much as I hate The Lorax, I have to admit, Maffitt has found a way for me to watch it for one minute and 46 seconds… Good on him.

The picture above is a screen capture from the full video which you can watch directly below. You can find more images on Maffitt’s Flickr page right here.