2013 Golden Globe Awards Live Blog: Winners and Live Commentary!

2012 Golden Globe Awards Live Blog: Winners and Commentary


Welcome to our live blog of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards where myself and Laremy Legel will be providing running commentary and up-to-the-minute winner announcements over the course of three straight hours of Golden Globe excitement.

This is the seventh year in a row we have provided a live blog of the events and, as always, we’re hoping to do better than the last time out.

Over the course of the evening Laremy Legel from Film.com and I will be providing commentary, winners and anything else that comes to mind. I will be breaking things up on an hourly basis, providing a page break at the end of each hour to hopefully keep things manageable and in the right hand column you will notice I have placed a list of the winners, which will update live as they are announced.

If you’d like to catch up and see how we do the live blog around here you can check out previous installments at the following links: 2006.

While blogging, winners will be highlighted like this so they are easier to notice while reading and comments from myself will be timestamped and colored in red while Laremy’s comments will be colored blue.

The show begins at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST and blogging will begin around 4:45 PM PST or so. So, while we wait for things to get started why don’t you comment below and let everyone know where you are reading the blog from and I will be back shortly with the start of live commentary.

[4:38:32 PM] Laremy says: I am here! Have they handed out all the Globes yet?

[4:41:23 PM] Laremy says: Trivia: I have been accredited to the Golden Globes in years past. However, instead of going, I just decided to live my life.

[4:47:24 PM] Brad says: We are here and Jessica Chastain is telling us she’s wearing Calvin Klein, it’s quite the fascinating interview.

[4:47:31 PM] Laremy says: Biggest story of the night – there’s a lot of buzz out there that Affleck could take away the Best Director Globe from Steven Spielberg. I think Globe ballots were due right before the CCMA’s, meaning there couldn’t have been any overflow and an Affleck win would be another sign the Academy done messed up. Messed up good.

[4:53:26 PM] Brad says: So Sofia Vergara is pushing her social networks? Maybe she’s already burned through all that money she made working on The Smurfs.

[4:54:21 PM] Laremy says: “Jay Leno is crushing it right now!” – is something no one ever says.

[4:54:26 PM] Brad says: We are about seven minutes away from show time… Why don’t you share where you’re reading from while we wait because Jay Leno isn’t exactly entertaining me in this interview.

[4:54:58 PM] Brad says: Al Roker just told Dustin Hoffman it must be nice tonight since the “pressure is off,” which translates to, “you weren’t nominated.”

[4:56:01 PM] Brad says: Matt Lauer just told us things are quieting down on the red carpet… this means the show is about to start. Hold on to your knickers, this is going to be cuh-razy!

[4:56:14 PM] Laremy says: Dustin Hoffman just said his new movie Quartet looks like “a wait for video” before telling us to still see it in theaters. You know the marketing guys are loving that sentiment.

[4:59:23 PM] Laremy says: How good doesn’t that show “Do No Harm” look?!

[4:59:50 PM] Laremy says: Whenever people say “history will be made” I get annoyed. I want to know about the times history isn’t being made.

[5:00:16 PM] Brad says: We can now hear the NBC producer counting down… pretty sure that’s not supposed to be heard.

[5:00:56 PM] Laremy says: Were any of you guys at the first Golden Globe awards? They were held on a blimp.

[5:00:59 PM] Brad says: It has begun and out comes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler… I have confidence in these two.

[5:02:02 PM] Brad says: “Only at the Golden Globes to the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat faced people of television.” – Amy Poehler

[5:02:04 PM] Laremy says: Brad gets so mad about the television component of the Golden Globes. Wanna know why? His first pet (a lizard) was killed by a television.

[5:03:27 PM] Brad says: “When it comes to torture, I trust the lady that was married for three years to James Cameron.” – Amy Poehler

[5:04:10 PM] Brad says: They’re making a joke about the Hollywood Foreign Press, which makes me wonder if Tina or Amy even know who they are. Does anyone?

[5:04:48 PM] Brad says: Tom Hooper is giving Anne Hathaway a creepy grin.

[5:06:19 PM] Brad says: Meryl Streep didn’t show up? But what about that Hope Springs nomination? Doesn’t think this one is in the bag?

[5:06:46 PM] Laremy says: Poehler and Fey are getting in a lot of solid shots here. Not Gervais level yet, but very solid.

[5:07:41 PM] Laremy says: How is a guy named Mandy the manliness man in the room?

[5:08:52 PM] Brad says: Kate Hudson is here from The Reluctant Fundamentalist… pretty sure no one knows what that is just yet.

[5:09:00 PM] Laremy says: Supporting Actor time! I like starting with a biggie.

[5:09:27 PM] Brad says: And the winner is… I’m saying Tommy Lee Jones… let’s see….

[5:10:13 PM] Brad says: Golden Globe goes to Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained

[5:10:47 PM] Laremy says: Christoph Waltz wins for Django Unchained. I’ll start the controversy now, did he only win because he was foreign?

[5:11:03 PM] Laremy says: I should note that I’m fine if that was the reason. Waltz is my jam.

[5:11:13 PM] Brad says: Wow, he certainly seems grateful… What a nice surprise.

[5:12:01 PM] Brad says: Kerry Washington and Dennis Quaid out to present Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series

[5:12:03 PM] Laremy says: Dennis Quaid might have eaten a bunch of marbles.

[5:12:42 PM] Brad says: And the Golden Globe goes to Maggie Smith for “Downton Abbey”

[5:12:46 PM] Laremy says: Maggie Smith is off living her life!

[5:14:01 PM] Brad says: Now we’re heading to commercial… How about that Christoph Waltz win? Supporting Actor category at the Oscars is still wide open, I wonder how much this helps… or does it?

[5:14:15 PM] Laremy says: Ohhhh, Patinkin’s first name is “Mandel”. Now it makes sense, carry on.

[5:16:28 PM] Brad says: I don’t watch “Modern Family”, but is Sofia Vergara entertaining enough on that show to make up for how annoying she is everywhere else?

[5:17:04 PM] Laremy says: Anyone out there watching “Goon”?

[5:17:31 PM] Brad says: We’re back and Eva Longoria and Don Cheadle are telling us who the Ms. and Mr. Golden Globes.

[5:17:49 PM] Brad says: Now the award for Mini-Series or TV Movie…

[5:18:02 PM] Laremy says: Wait, Michael J. Fox’s son is a philanthropist? He’s like 22!

[5:18:28 PM] Brad says: Golden Globe goes to Game Change

[5:19:02 PM] Brad says: Music is about to run out as these people are taking quite awhile to get to the stage. Oops, bleeped out… someone said a naughty word.

[5:19:27 PM] Brad says: However, more seriously, I need to see “Game Change”… supposed to be good.

[5:19:40 PM] Laremy says: “Game Change” gets it done. I liked that movie, overall, but I still don’t care all that much. I’m still mad about TV hurting Brad’s lizard.

[5:20:08 PM] Brad says: This guy has jokes… but not really.

[5:21:02 PM] Brad says: Now we’re moving to an actress in a TV movie or mini-series… things are picking up.

[5:21:39 PM] Laremy says: There are only 84 members of the HFPA, which means it takes a voting block of about 25 people to win.

[5:21:41 PM] Brad says: Golden Globe goes to Julianne Moore for “Game Change”

[5:22:45 PM] Brad says: Julianne Moore says everything is great and amazing… Oh and Amy Poehler is in the audience with fake teeth in… it’s a bit weird… and funny.

[5:22:48 PM] Laremy says: They are sort of clowning Julianne Moore’s speech. Interesting choice.

[5:23:14 PM] Brad says: Julianne wants to give a shout out but the music is telling her to hush it up and out comes Catherine Zeta-Jones.

[5:23:56 PM] Brad says: CZJ is singing to tell us Les Miserable is a Best Picture (Musical/Comedy) contender, or something like that since she wasn’t entirely specific.

[5:24:11 PM] Laremy says: Why did they have to pull that boat in Les Miserables?

[5:24:35 PM] Brad says: Commercial time again

[5:24:39 PM] Laremy says: I know for a fact that they had docks back then.

[5:25:50 PM] Laremy says: Everyone in the comments, please tell Brad to get me a coffee. He doesn’t pay attention to what I write, but he reads the comments. Thanks!

[5:26:38 PM] Brad says: After that win for Waltz I’m wondering what other “surprises” there may be. Django for script? Tarantino for director? I’m wondering if Ang Lee can take director.

[5:28:38 PM] Laremy says: Brad told me I can have one during the next commercial break. Thanks much, guys!

[5:28:48 PM] Brad says: The show is back and Laremy will get his coffee when I feel he has earned it!

[5:29:29 PM] Brad says: Oh, and now the HFPA president is going to tell us something… everyone feel free to fall asleep for a little while.

[5:29:48 PM] Laremy says: The HFPA President is quite the ginger lovely. Gotta remember to LinkedIn with her.

[5:29:53 PM] Brad says: This is painful.

[5:30:17 PM] Laremy says: I think this might be her obituary, but hey, at least she’s self-effacing.

[5:30:34 PM] Brad says: She just joked about the room not knowing her name, but I’m not sure she expected everyone to laugh as much as they did. Looked like she might cry.

[5:31:11 PM] Brad says: Rosario Dawson is going to now introduce The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I still haven’t seen… Looks action packed!

[5:31:36 PM] Brad says: Looks a lot like Battleship.

[5:31:54 PM] Brad says: “If she dies, she dies”? That was stolen from Rocky IV!

[5:31:59 PM] Laremy says: Please let this be a movie award …

[5:32:22 PM] Brad says: Salma Hayek and Paul Rudd will now make bad jokes and then tell us who wins Best Actor for a TV Series (Drama).

[5:33:27 PM] Laremy says: I love Damian Lewis in “Homeland”. But he’ll never be better than he was in “Band of Brothers”.

[5:33:28 PM] Brad says: Golden Globe goes to Damian Lewis for Homeland

[5:33:57 PM] Laremy says: Because I’ve only seen Lewis play American, his actual British accent always throws me for a loop.

[5:35:22 PM] Laremy says: That was like Ron Burgondy without his teleprompter.

[5:35:48 PM] Laremy says: Poor Paul Rudd had nowhere to turn.

[5:35:52 PM] Brad says: After that snafu we get Best TV Series Drama winners and the Golden Globe goes to Homeland

[5:37:47 PM] Brad says: Damn, they are giving these people a lot of time to talk… wrap it up please.

[5:37:48 PM] Laremy says: These guys are definitely going to get played off.

[5:38:19 PM] Brad says: Commercial break is here

[5:39:37 PM] Laremy says: Brad went to make some coffee so I don’t pass out. So it’s just us gals now!

[5:41:04 PM] Laremy says: For what it’s worth, I’ll echo commenter PinstripedJon. Carrie Mathison is the type of lady who might murder you in your sleep, but you’d still want to give the relationship a chance.

[5:42:35 PM] Laremy says: They are back and handling the Argo presentation.

[5:43:25 PM] Laremy says: Actual C.I.A. agent Tony Mendez is in the house, but they don’t have him mic’d. Really nice production so far, HFPA!

[5:44:22 PM] Laremy says: Brad is back, so everyone behave.

[5:44:44 PM] Brad says: Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham are out to say they star in Parker together… and present the Globe for Best Original Score. My prediction is Life of Pi, but I’m not confident in that.

[5:45:06 PM] Laremy says: Am I the only one who thought Desplat’s score for Zero Dark Thirty was superior?

[5:45:38 PM] Brad says: Golden Globe goes to Life of Pi

[5:47:02 PM] Brad says: Mychael Danna says he’s going to share his Globe with Ang Lee… I don’t believe him.

[5:47:31 PM] Brad says: And yes, I spelled his name correctly.

[5:47:46 PM] Brad says: Now J-Lo and The Stath will present Best Song… my prediction is “Skyfall”

[5:48:56 PM] Brad says: And the Golden Globe goes to “Skyfall”

[5:49:09 PM] Laremy says: I wanted Les Miserables to win for Best Original Song. But it didn’t.

[5:49:35 PM] Laremy says: Brad is doing a dynamite rendition of “Skyfall” by Adele right now. I really wish I would have recorded it.

[5:50:16 PM] Brad says: Adele is quite happy.

[5:50:29 PM] Laremy says: Brian Zitzelman in la casa! Hey, are they still screening movies in this region?

[5:52:50 PM] Brad says: It’s a commercial break and Crate & Barrel is boring me with words on white.

[5:53:17 PM] Laremy says: You guys see they just revealed the new Corvette Stingray? Imma get one of those with all my Live Blog earnings.

[5:54:50 PM] Brad says: Watching all these commercials for TV shows reminds me why I don’t watch television. That said, it’s time for a page break… join us on Page Two will you…

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