Watch the ‘Skyfall’ Opening Credit Sequence


Skyfall opening credits

Photo: Columbia Pictures / MGM

What did you think of the opening credit sequence in Skyfall? Personally I was a little disappointed (which doesn’t mean I hated it, so calm down). I love Adele’s title track, but the credits themselves seemed a little cluttered to me.

Recent Bond credits I really liked included Casino Royale and, even though it’s a terrible movie, the oily credits to The World is Not Enough were quite great.

Well, the opening sequence for Skyfall is now online, the only difference being there are no actual credits. Give it a look below and share your thoughts on your favorite credit sequences in the franchise in the comments. The sequence was designed by Daniel Kleinman who, consequently, also designed the titles for Casino Royale and The World Is Not Enough as well as Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies and GoldenEye.