Stopping Power Update from Cusack


Earlier this week, we posted a comment from actress Melissa George that Jan de Bont’s Stopping Power was ready to restart shooting in March, but when we asked John Cusack for his take on what was going on, he wasn’t so sure, because it’s very much a financial and legal issue that might take some time to work out, and he told us what he thought needed to be done.

“I think they have to honor it or they’re going to get sued into the Stone Age,” he told “That company is liable. They didn’t pay the crew, they went Enron, they were bad. That’s in that weird legal place. I just know that they didn’t have the money and they weren’t paying people.”

So at this point, who knows what’s really happening? Maybe they’re in the process of working these things out, but if so why doesn’t the film’s main star know about them restarting production? There’s been a new version of the story almost every week since production came to a halt a few weeks back, and even if finishing the movie might be in everyone’s best interest, it would be kind of hard to do it without the necessary funds.

Surely, we’ll hear more about this in the coming months.