Will Ferrell, Jack Black? Tag, You’re It!


There’s been a movie about Battleship and threats of movies about Candyland and Monopoly and Oujia for many years, but so many long-time schoolyard games have been ignored, so why not a movie about that classic game of Tag? Now what about a movie based on a real-life game of Tag covered in a reputable newspaper like The Wall Street Journal? Sound any better?

Jeff Sneider is back at The Wrap and he has the scoop that Will Ferrell and Jack Black will potentially be working together, starring in the New Line comedy Tag Brothers, based on a recent Wall Street Journal article picked up in a major bidding war.

The concept involves a couple of classmates from Spokane, Washington who take part in a long-running game of Tag which gained national attention when this past February, the classmates, now in their 40s, spent the month chasing each other across the country trying not to be “it” as they continued their real life obligations leading to all sorts of crazy shenanigans in order to come out on top in their obsession game.

Ferrell and Black appeared briefly together in Adam McKay’s Anchorman but they’ve also made a number of memorable Oscar night appearances to present awards and sing songs.

Even though both actors are now attached, their involvement will depend on the screenplay, which is being written by Mark Steilen who directed the 2008 movie Wieners and 1999 movie The Settlement. It’s being produced by Todd Garner of Broken Road who bought the rights to the story, and Ferrell and McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions and Black’s Electric Dynamite will be involved in some capacity based on their approval of the script and decision to be involved. Steilen also wrote the family comedy Time Share for Sony and Tony and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment and the movie Born to Rock, currently in development at Paramount.

This comedy game of tag will feature two other leads opposite Ferrell and Black.

(Photo source: CP Images)