12 Movies to Watch Before You See The Dark Tower


12 Movies to Watch Before You See The Dark Tower

12 movies to watch before you see The Dark Tower

Author Stephen King has never been shy about wearing his influences on his sleeve, and his “Dark Tower” novels have always been an exotic blend of Herbert-esque sci-fi, Leone-style western, Tolkien fantasy and Lovecraftian horror. Hence, in the wake of Sony‘s new filmic adaptation of The Dark Tower, we’re giving you twelve movies to watch or at least be aware of going into it.

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Our list contains three different kinds of movies: 1) Films based on King’s own writing that have direct connections to the “Dark Tower” world, 2) Films that directly inspired King when writing the eight “The Dark Tower” novels, and 3) Movies that are similar enough to The Dark Tower that they will get you in the right mindset. If you’ve already seen The Dark Tower movie, this list will contain a lot of interesting connections as well.

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Which of the movies on our list do you think connects most to Dark Tower? Any others you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!