CS Video: The Cast and Director of This Means War


Hitting theaters this Friday, This Means War pits two best friends (who happen to be two of the world’s deadliest CIA operatives) against one another for the affections of the same woman.

ComingSoon.net caught up with both spies, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, their shared target, Reese Witherspoon, her best friend, Chelsea Handler and the film’s director, McG, to talk about the larger-than-life world of the Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster.

Interview highlights include McG popping in out of nowhere and sitting in Hardy’s lap and the nerd question we couldn’t resist asking: If Pine is the new Captain Kirk and Hardy played a clone of Captain Picard (in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis), can Trek fans consider this the Kirk versus Picard film they never got? Find out their response in the player below and catch This Means War in theaters February 17th.