CS Video: Before We Go Director and Star Chris Evans


Chris Evans and Alice Eve discuss Chris Evans' directorial debut, Before We Go.

Chris Evans makes his directorial debut with the new romantic comedy drama Before We Go

In theaters and available via VOD right now is Before We Go, an engaging comedy drama that follows a chance encounter between two complete strangers that leads to a romantic mystery that unfolds as we follow them through an adventurous night in New York City. Before We Go also happens to mark the directorial debut of Chris Evans, best known to many as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who also stars opposite Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness, Men in Black 3). ComingSoon.net had the chance to sit down with both Evans and Eve and you can check out the interviews in the player below!

In Before We Go, Nick Vaughan (Evans) is a down on his luck jazz trumpet player playing alone one evening in Grand Central Station when he catches sight of a beautiful woman (Eve), forlorn at having missed the last train to Boston. Attempting to lend a hand, Nick volunteers his services to help get her home, little realizing that such a feat is much easier said than done. Soon, Nick and this mysterious woman are racing all over the Big Apple, following every possible lead and slowly realizing that, while they may be very different people under the surface than they originally let on, they’re both desperately in need of someone to truly trust. As their relationship grows throughout the course of the evening, the mystery deepens and the stakes are raised.

RADiUS release, Before We Go was was also produced by Evans alongside Mark Kassen, McG, Mary Viola, Karen Baldwin, Howard Baldwin and William J. Immerman. Executive producers include Peter Pastorelli, James McGough and Ron Bass – the latter of whom also wrote the screenplay with Jen Smolka, Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair. Before We Go is the first film fully financed by Wonderland.

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