The untitled project boasts a screenplay by Schwartz

Ridley Scott's Biblical epic hits theaters December 12

I Know What You Did Last Summer, Skull Island and more

Featuring realistic physics conceptualized by Kip Thorne

Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Tina Fey and Corey Stoll

With Justin Long, Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment

"An incredibly intense and an incredibly scary game"

More video from the Detroit set of the much-anticipated comic book adaptation

Watch the official new Tokyo Game Show trailer

The new crime-drama starring Liam Neeson as Matthew Scudder

"Making Friends and Influencing People" airs October 7 on ABC

Crackle's video game adaptation and Seth MacFarlane's big screen sequel

The ensemble comedy drama hits theaters October 1

Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton star in the Richard Loncraine film

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