Maniac Cop’s Ed Brubaker Talks Upcoming Remake, Casting Wish


file_166897_0_maniac-cop-refn2Ed Brubaker spoke to Fangoria about his involvement in the Maniac Cop remake and how he was brought aboard the project. Brubaker is best known for his work in comic books. This year, he saw his "Winter Soldier" story arc leap to the big screen in the latest Captain America film. Now, he's working with producer Nicolas Winding Refn on a redo of William Lustig's film.

Brubaker says the project came about through a meeting he had with Refn. He tells Fangoria he's been working on the film for about a year, while juggling all of the other writing duties he's had to do.

There’s definitely some intentional humor here and there that’s really dark. I think how it’s shot and the sound design is going to be so important to how scary it is or isn’t. And you know, the director that signed on is really amazing, so I’m really psyched. Like me, he’s really a fan of the 70s and 80s horror movies, like the John Carpenter stuff. I hope it feels somewhat modern, but also feels like a throwback to that era that it was the stepchild of, initially. It was an interesting job.

That director hasn't been revealed yet, but we'll hopefully hear something out of Cannes soon. As for the casting of the "maniac cop," Brubaker tossed Kevin Grevioux's name into the mix.

Have you ever heard his voice in real life? His voice sounds like it’s going through a synthesizer. He’d be perfect for it. He’s great in those UNDERWORLD movies. But, I don’t know. I’ll be really curious to see how it comes together now that we have a director and budget. It’s not cast contingent at all, which is amazing.

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